Glendale Auto Preventive Maintenance Services

There is absolutely nothing more important that you can do than preventive maintenance to have your vehicle be the most reliable vehicle on the road. By maintaining your car the proper way, on time with scheduled appointments, you will always be worry free about having car trouble that always happen at the worst of times.

5k Service

The simplest and easiest way to ensure the proper care for your vehicle is to get the car into the shop every 6 months or 5K miles (which ever comes first). The 5K intervals, get your oil changed regularly which is Maintenance 101, but also your vehicle gets the regular attention it needs to ensure its reliability on the road.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Easy steering comes with keeping your steering system clean with fresh fluid. The added benefit is that clean fluid extends the life of your steering pump & rack and pinion. Neglecting your power steering system can lead to costly repairs.

Emission System Cleaning

Three Step Cleaning Process. Cleans entire fuel system, helping eliminate rough idle and stalling due to dirty fuel system, helps, improve gas mileage, removes harmful fuel deposits. In addition helps pass emission tests, cleans combustion chamber (important on direct fuel injected systems) & more importantly it is safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic convertor system.

Brake Fluid Exchange

The Brake System is the most important component in your vehicle. Having your brake fluid checked and exchanged regularly will prevent you from have contaminated fluid and corroded brake system that may cause your brakes to fail.

Coolant Fluid Exchange

50% of highway breakdowns cooling system related. Prevention starts with scheduled coolant exchanges every 6 years or 60K miles. Our two part system cleaner first breaks up any rust, grease & sludge. Step two includes a conditioner added to the new coolant to help protect all cooling system metals against rust and corrosion while lubricating water pump and thermostat.

Transmission Fluid Service

Keeping the transmission fluid clean will do wonders for your transmission in the long run. A simple drain & refill of the transmission fluid is all that is needed. Not changing the fluids can and will cause a major malfunction in the drivetrain which will lead to an expensive repair. Changing the fluid regularly is a far better and cheaper financial option.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule - Advance Auto

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