Auto Repair in Glendale, CA

Preventive maintenance is crucial to protect your vehicle and your wallet from high cost repairs. However the truth is all repairs can’t be avoided. When repairs are needed, we have highly qualified technicians & state of the art tools & equipment to ensure each repair is done correctly.

Power Steering Pump

By simply having your Power Steering Fluid Exchanged every 60,000 miles can easily help avoid having to have an expensive power steering pump replaced. Power steering pumps do fail, but the failure rate can be drastically be in your favor with proper preventive maintenance.

Check Engine/Diagnostic

When the check engine light comes on, it is important to get it checked out immediately to prevent any further damage to other components that can be directly involved with the original cause of the problem. We have high-tech equipment & computer scanners for all makes & models to extract the right data to fix the problem right & the first time.

Air Conditioning/Heating

When it’s hot we need Air Conditioning and when it’s cold we want our Heaters. When your air conditioning is not blowing ice cold air, all you need is to get it to work so you can beat the heat. A have the latest A/C equipment to test, evacuate & recharge your full Air Conditioning System. With proper procedures we can pinpoint what the exact problem is with the many components that go the A/C system.


Living in Southern California heat your vehicle needs to have proper coolant circulation for optimal cooling conditions. With extreme temperatures your radiator can crack and/or start to leak and it is important to get it replaced immediately to avoid further damage. Replacement of the radiator and other related cooling system components is the proper way to ensure you don’t overheat on the road.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are caused eventually with every car due to old, unserviced fluids, & age. Majority gaskets are majority made of rubber and overtime they age and allow fluids to seep or leak. Taking care of leaks is vital to ensuring that all components that require lubrication are always functioning with sufficient amount of fluids.


Brakes are the stopping power and the most important component of your vehicle. If you don’t have brakes everything else is irrelevant. Brakes should never be compromised and a brake job should always be performed with great care and attention to detail. All brakes should be replaced with premium quality brake pads and rotors. Brake rotors need to always be resurfaced if applicable or replaced as needed.

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